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Fix Your printer is not receiving the print command issue in Windows 11

 Fix Your printer is not receiving the print command issue in Windows 11

Fix Your printer is not receiving the print command issue in Windows 11

While attempting to print, some customers are having problems with their printer. On this post, we'll show you how to remedy the problem where your printer in Windows 11/10 isn't getting print commands.

Due to the epidemic, printers are now a must-have in offices and homes. The majority of people use them on a regular basis, whereas a small percentage use them only sometimes. There are certain blunders that are bound to occur in every setting, regardless of how frequently they are used. These issues could be caused by incompatible software, obsolete drivers, or something else entirely. Many consumers have reported that their printer does not respond to print commands sent from their Windows PC. Let's see what we can do to resolve the problem.

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Your printer is not receiving the print command

The following methods can be used to resolve the issue if your printer is not receiving the print command.

  1. Check the default printer
  2. Update Printer Drivers
  3. Run Printing Troubleshooter
  4. Restart Print Spooler Service

Let's look at the specifics of the fixes. Before you do that, double-check that your printer wires are properly attached to the PC, as well as the power cable.

1] Check the default printer

The issue could have been caused by the fact that you have many printers installed on your computer. Ascertain that your preferred printer is selected as the default. Try printing after you've established it as the default. By now, the problem should have been rectified. If that doesn't work, try the remedies below.

2] Update Printer Drivers

Another cause of the problem is outdated printer drivers on your computer. The out-of-date drivers aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. You must manually upgrade the drivers to the most recent version before printing.

3] Run Printing Troubleshooter

The troubleshooters offered in Windows 11/10 are excellent for resolving issues. Among the many troubleshooters available, there is a Printer Troubleshooter. Run the Printer Troubleshooter to automatically detect and resolve error

4] Restart Print Spooler Service

The Print Spooler Service is a built-in Windows service that keeps print tasks waiting until the printer is ready to print. Many printer problems can be resolved by restarting the print spooler service. After the print spooler service has been restarted, try printing again.

These are the methods for resolving the issue in Windows where your printer is not receiving print commands.

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Why is Print command not working?

There could be a number of reasons why the print command isn't working. It's possible that the drivers are obsolete or corrupted, that the print spooler service is broken, or that there are any clashing programs. With the procedures listed above, you can quickly fix them.

How do I fix all printer issues in Windows?

By running the Printer Troubleshooter, manually updating the printer driver, and restarting the print spooler service, you can resolve all printer difficulties. There are also some concerns that must be resolved in accordance with their causes.

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