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In Teams, you'll soon be able to share your screen from the taskbar.


In Teams, you'll soon be able to share your screen from the taskbar.

  1. Wait until you hear about this if you thought screen sharing during calls is simple now.
  2. Microsoft is making it increasingly easy to share in Teams and other Microsoft apps.
  3. We'll soon be able to effortlessly display our information right from the taskbar.
  4. While this functionality is being tested on Teams, it will not be an exclusive feature for the time being.

The Redmond-based software firm is about to release another another important Teams integration for Windows 11.

Microsoft has begun testing a feature that will allow Teams users to hover over open windows on the taskbar and share the content of those windows on a Microsoft Teams conversation.

This is a significant change that will make screen sharing for Teams and other communication apps on Windows 11 a lot easier.

Directly from the taskbar, share the screen you want.

Rather than the built-in consumer version of the app, this new integration will be tested first with Teams for work or education.

This means that not everyone will notice this with their Teams calls straight away. Later, we plan to introduce this to Microsoft Teams Chat (Microsoft Teams for Home).
More good news is that this new functionality will not be confined to Teams; other messaging applications will be able to use it as well.

This means that programs like Slack or Zoom might include this feature into their systems, making it much easier for Windows 11 users to share what's on their screen during video calls.

Simply hover over the applications running on your taskbar when in a Teams meeting call to see a new button that allows you to share your window with your meeting guests.

When you're through sharing your content, hover over the window again and click Stop Sharing, or click Share this Window and select another window.

If you're giving a full-screen PowerPoint presentation, simply move your mouse to the bottom of the screen, and your taskbar will appear, allowing you to share or stop sharing the presentation without disturbing your audience.

Although it's unclear when Microsoft will bring this feature to Windows 11, given the timeframe of testing, it's expected to arrive in early 2022.

Microsoft is also only testing this with a small group of Windows Insiders, so just because you have the Dev Channel releases of Windows 11 installed doesn't mean you'll be able to use it.


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