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A Comprehensive Summary of Australian Men's Online Clothing Retailers

A Comprehensive Summary of Australian Men's Online Clothing Retailers

A Comprehensive Summary of Australian Men's Online Clothing Retailers

Almost 7 years ago, I made a spreadsheet of almost all the mens online stores in Australia, based off a list from /fa/, which currently lives in the sidebar of aMFA. I've now updated it, as well as added additional information (shipping fees, number of brands/products stocked, location etc.) to be a more useful resource, and also removed the shitty 4chan slang.

Why? I think Mens shopping in Australia is far behind the rest of the world - there are so many great, quality brands in the world, many of which receive a spotlight on MFA, but often only a few stores in Australia stock them. There are also loads of great Australian brands, and new ones launching, that are also impossible to find. I've also included a few major international sites that ship to Australia, but note the shipping price.

Why have I ranked them by tier? As many great stores exist in Australia, there are also loads of low quality chain stores that permeate every Westfield and Stockland. I'm hoping to bring light to some of the smaller, better shops to support them in this trying time, however I appreciate some of the opinions are quite subjective.

This Reddit table looks like shit! Sorry that's not my fault - I've published the excel version here, which includes even more details on each store (ie. what brands they stock, how many products they have online, etc.)

Where's X store? Let me know any shops I've missed, I'm sure there's a few I haven't covered. I've tried to make this exhaustive, but I've also purposely left off quite a few dadcore clothing (Gazman, Sportscraft, Rodd & Gunn) and boring shoe 

(Aquila, Windsor Smith) brands.
Before I get into it - there's a few interesting facts I've noticed when compiling this data:

33% of stores from the original list have closed down - not just smaller ones, but some of the biggest ones (eg. Topman) have been swallowed up as well

Many new stores have popped up - sneaker stores have seen the biggest growth

David Jones has a better range of high end brands, while Myer has gone downhill - they used to be comparable and now they're worlds apart

The full table is below - scroll to the right to see Shipping costs, Store 
locations, Store size and more:

Name Tier Description Website
1st Product Low Small selection of some basic brands and collabs, some nice sneakers Website
ABC.H Low Circular fashion label based in Melbourne. Interesting range Website
Abicus Mall/Fast Fashion Newcastle based store, stocks basic brands eg. Assembly, Levi's, Wrangler. Website
Above the Clouds Medium Streetwear, lots of hypebeast brands Website
Annex Low Is Bondi-core a thing? Decent linens at a pretty good price. Website
ASColour Low Basics Website
ASOS Mall/Fast Fashion For the home brand (ASOS) quality can be variable, although as the price entails it usually isn't the best. The site also offers items from higher-tier brands. Frequent sales. ASOS also bought Topman early in 2021 and stock their products. Website
Assembly Label Mall/Fast Fashion Nice linen shirts, a lot of branded gear, nice colours, pretty trendy Website
Bassike Medium Quality basics, interesting fits Website
Big Trouble Medium Stocks a lot of Japanese streetwear, some great stuff, small selection. Garments are engineered. Website

Rank 2

Name Tier Description Website
Blue Works High American/Japanese style workwear, stocks some high end GYW brands as well (eg. Trickers), great selection of denim 🔒
Brick and Mortar Low Stocks the bigger skate brands, small range. Website
Buster Mcgee Low Stocks some decent brands (eg. NN07), simple clothes Website
Cabinet Noir High High end Perth based store, stocks some rarer brands that are hard to find elsewhere. Website
Collector Store Low Small selection of some basic brands, some cool shirts. website
Concrete Jungle Low Melbourne-based streetwear shop, great range of sneakers, mainly carries pretty standard brands but a few unique ones in the mix. website
Connor Shit Similar to YD except worse, tries to do menswear, but often poorly fitted and terrible build quality. Every man and his dog shops there though, avoid at all costs. Website
CONTRA Medium Some cool sneakers and techwear, some higher end stuff (Marni, Arcteryx) Website
Corlection High Japanese workwear, one of the few places to find brands like 3sixteen, Blue Blue Japan, Momotaro in Australia. Website


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